Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fun Weekend

This past weekend was really fun. Sometime before Christmas we got tickets to go and see "Phantom of the Opera" on stage. I love the music and the movie and couldn't wait to see it. It was worth the wait, it was so good. The movie doesn't do music justice, live it sounds so much better. The stage props moved around, but the chandelier was my favorite part. I defiantly want to go again and to take the kids to it someday.
While we were in Boise for that the kids went camping with Grandma and Grandpa Arrington. The did projects, hiked, biked, ate food and got dirty. The kids loved it and it makes them ready for G&G camp. 

 Cam needed new socks and he requested ones that go to his knees. I'm not sure why he likes these so much, but we sent searching for long songs. Which him being so short didn't make that search too tough. 

 Jacks in front of the church cabins that Grandpa helped build. The kids thought that was pretty cool to see. 

 Zander and Beck found this walking stick on their hike and carried it all the way back to camp. They used a saw to cut it down a little bit though. 

They were all, and still are pretty worn out, but had a lot of fun. I love all the memories they are making. 

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