Thursday, July 12, 2018

Jackson Hole

We spent the first half of this week in Driggs/ Jackson Idaho for the Barnes reunion. Everyone had a good time and the kids were especially sad to leave cousins.
Jackson hiding before dinner. 
The kids loved the hot tub at our house. 
Jacks and Zahiya were best buddies. She followed Jacks all over and held his hand a lot. 
We went to Jackson Hole one of the days and while it was beautiful, I am not sure I'd ever want to drive over that mountain pass again. We didn't put our car into a lower gear then our breaks got hot and the car started to shake. I was freaked out and I know Brad had to really be scared since he was driving. On the way back we used our gear shift and put it in a lower gear so we were good. 

We road a tram to the top of the mountain and walked around a little bit. Again it was beautiful but I'm not a fan of high places so it was a little scary being so high.
The ride starting to go up. 
A tiny stream going down the middle of the hill.
We were 10450 feet high.

This makes it look like we are right near the edge,
But it wasn't. Although he did go by that rope, which also isn't an edge but I didn't know that and I may have freaked out a bit. My stomach couldn't handle all of the turns it was making from the vertigo that I kept feeling.


Cam and Beck did a trampoline thing once we got off the mountain. Cam went pretty high  and Beck was pretty stiff at first, but in the end they both really liked it. 


Camden found a necklace with his name on it. That doesn't happen often with our kids. 
For dinner that night we went to the Bar J Wranglers. It was some good food and a good show. 

Jacks was pretty tired from walking around all day in the heat. He only slept for a little bit. 
They sounded so good. One of the guys could go so low in you could feel the bass in your chest. 
More beauty on the way home. I love Idaho and the mountains. 
Emery is in love with her cousin Hayden. She's a chunk and so fun to watch the kids play with her. 
Only in Idaho....

A creepy mask Jacks got. It made him a T-Rex. 
The boys went rafting with their uncles. They went last year and loved it so they couldn't wait to go again. Can you see Cam in the pic... no one can. He didn't want to get wet so he hid behind Beck every time a rapid came up.

 While they were rafting Emery decided to stick her leg through the railing, which became stuck and she realized was a bad idea pretty fast. Thankfully Brad got it out.
We played BINGO and won prizes. The kids ran around, ate lots of good food and stayed up late, all of the fun things you do on a reunion.
When we got home the dogs flipped. They didn't want to be left again, so while we were unloading the car the dogs jumped in and wouldn't get out. 

Pop and Chores

Cam got a black dog pop and wanted to turn it into Luna. We were able to paint some white on her and make her eyes more brown. It turned out well and Camden loves it. Now we need to make Eevee.
The only bad part with pop hunting is the boys don't have an endless supply of money (neither do mom and dad but they don't get that; they just think they are the only ones.) So to help them get money I tried to think of a chore. Beck needed a little more to get one he wanted so I told him to pull weeds in the back and I'd give him some money. I was thinking 15, 20 minutes top and $4. One and a half hours later and Beck getting Camden to help, they had 3 bags full and pulled all over the yard. They really wanted money and worked really hard. They did get more than $4.