Thursday, February 22, 2018


My goal for the new year was to write once a week and take more pictures. I did well in January but February has been a bad month. I didn't take enough pictures or write much at all.
Camden has his last ski trip last week. He loved doing it and I'm so glad he stuck with it. He loved going each week. I think a part of him liked that he could go and Beck couldn't. He tends to lean on Beck a lot, so it was a good activity that he could do alone and get a twin break.
It was 100's day at school and Jacks dressed like an old man. The day before we got the letter about it we buzzed his hair. Had we waited a day we could have made a really cool hair cut. I'm not sure what his love for markers on his face is, but his mustache is washable marker.
 I saw our dogs playing with a 'toy' outside the other day and initially walked away. I then remembered we don't have toys outside and went to see what they had. I guess we don't need a cat, we have dogs. (its a mouse if you can't see it)
 I've started Emery too early to have a love for Pinterest. I get lots of good book ideas on there and way to many project ideas. Emery uses mine to find hair styles, nail art and her favorite this month was her Valentine's box idea. She wanted an iPod, not and iPhone. I'm not sure she has ever held an iPod, but she loved the design. It turned out really cute.

Fall Out Boy came out with another great album a few weeks ago and the kids all love it. Brad and I have been to 2 concerts for them and decided this next one we'll take Camden and Beckham. Every time Beck plays his game time he listens to the CD on Alexa, so we all hear it. Jacks loves to sing, but won't do it very loud or if he knows your looking. He was really into whatever game he was playing he didn't notice I was watching. You can't hear it very well, and he doesn't really know the lyrics, but it's still cute to watch. The deeper voice is Brad; Jacks' is a little higher pitched.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Special Buckets

This weekend was the start up again of special nights and Camden was up first. he waited all month because he wanted to see "Maze Runner." We did it a little different this year with the meal though. Usually the three of us went and some of the times Brad and I would start talking, then the kids wouldn't say much, which wasn't the purpose of the nights in the first place. So this year the meal is one on one, we'll switch each time so they get a meal with both of us, and then the activity is the three of us. I think they are all excited for this and it worked great with Camden. He isn't a big talker, but he did talk a little more. I think he was most excited that he was the first of the kids who got to try out Blaze pizza here in town. I think it will be a new favorite for everyone.
Last week for FHE I taught how we should just be nice, say nice things to people and do nice things for others and not try to always show each other up. Our kids have really gotten bad with this. Every time one of them says they can do something another one has to disagree and show how they think they are better. I found a really cute book called "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" It talks about how everyone has this imaginary bucket that others either fill with kind deeds and words or takes from it with mean words and actions. We made a BINGO of different things we can all do throughout the week to fill others buckets, Like hold the door, make someone's bed or just say hi. They have been doing pretty well although a few times we just asked if what they were doing was filling a bucket. On Monday Emery and Jacks were fighting over something, I never could understand Jacks when he told me what, but he was really upset. He marched out of his room and told me that Emery was being a bucket dipper. It was really hard to hold in laughter due to the conviction he had when he said it, but thankfully they made up and felt much better. I think we now have a new catch phrase in out house.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Beck's Ramblings

Beckham was happy to have the ice cream from Grandpa and he had the perfect plan for it. On Friday we watched a movie and he told us he was just going to sit on the couch with the tub and eat it with a spoon. He and Camden ate a scoop and thought of Grandpa (he asked them to since he no longer eats ice cream) Side note, he did not eat the whole thing.
The other day Beckham came to us excited that he was growing facial hair. I told him it was just peach fuzz but he insisted it was dark and real. Camden was a good twin and agreed with him. Can you see it?  
Camden had his second ski trip this weekend and it was his first without Beckham. He really likes being with Beck and having that friend always there, so we were worried how this week would go for him. He does have another friend on the trips too so that helped. Camden said he had a really fun time. They did the bunny hill a little but then he went on the big lift and loved it. I'm proud of him that he went on the lift because he could not get over the fact that you are just sitting there and there isn't a bar over you. This time his legs hurt the next day, but I told them over and over that would happen. He did say he got a little home sick, which was sad to hear, but I love when he is honest like that because he usually always tries to put on a brave face and not let anything bother him (even though we can read him really easily) Thanks to this good week he is so excited to finish out the season of boarding, or as he keeps saying sledding. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


We finally decided to let the kids teach some FHE's this year and so far they love it. In fact they all wanted to be the first on lesson. Lesson and treats are the two tasks that they kids fight over and are happy when they actually have. My family tells of how my lessons were always draw your favorite temple. I only remember doing it once, but it must have been more than that because they all say so. Emery was first up and she did a little better, she taught on Easter. When I was younger my mom made a lot of FHE lesson packets and recently she gave us a bunch of them which really helps the kids out. She did a great job and loved being in charge.
Another task is activity which Jacks was on this week. We played hide and seek and Cam is the master. We couldn't find him for a bit and when we did we see why. I made him stay in a little longer so I could take a picture. 

The week before I taught about goal and making goals for the new year. I have a journal that I'm tracking a few of mine, which the kids have noticed and wanted to take part in as well. Emery has a goal of keeping her room clean, which is marked by the heart stickers. We tell her all the time if she just did a little each day then she won't have the big days when I go in and find all of the things shoved in corners that she then has to clean and it takes a lot longer. She's been doing awesome. The only bad thing is Jacks doesn't have the same goal, so his stuff still needs works. None of the kids got my OCD on cleaning....
Jackson's was he wanted to read more. He is already really good at reading, so I loved that he just like to read and wants to do more. I have the same goal and the same way of tracking it, so I think that helped him come to that goal. Brad drew bookshelves for him and each time he finishes a book he can write it up there and color it in.  
Beckham is in drama again and he wants to keep getting better so one of his goals is to practice him lines every night.  He also has a list of books he wants to read and piano songs he wants to learn. Since Cam and Beck are older we tell them that they have to keep showing more responsibility, so both of them have made a chart to track that. Mainly it's doing their chores without being reminded or just forgetting all the way. I have to say so far they both have done a decent job. There have been a few missed times but they have really improved since they started tracking it. I should also say that the reason they are doing this is because they want to earn the ability and do jobs to earn money for a PS4 each and a TV in their room, little do they know we won't let them have that in their room, but we'll cross that bridge if we get there.
Camden has the responsibility tracking too, but he is also wanted to learn more magic tricks and origami. He's been watching how to videos on magic and done really well. It's most fun to have Jacks see the tricks because he is so amazed by them. They all wanted to get better at drawing, or it ended up that way. Jacks said it first so I told him I'd get him a sketch book and that set it all off and they  were all  interested in drawing. I'm ok with that though, it keeps them busy and their minds working. 
This week was Beck's turn to teach and he was excited to teach the Plan of Salvation. He knew it pretty well when he was getting ready and telling Brad and his lesson went really well.  
 The kids liked putting it together after Beck mixed them up. It's fun to see how they explain things and the lesson topics they are excited to teach about. I think it will be a really good year for FHEs.


I really never say much about our dogs. Yes we still have them, although I could take or leave them. They aren't horrible dogs but still can get annoying at times. This is Luna and she is lazy. They both sleep most of the day  but Luna takes is a step farther, she can't even get out of bed to eat. She eats sitting like this most days. I guess I can see the perk of it. It needs to be warm again so they play outside more. Small dogs do not like the cold.
After school the kids get a snack and usually watch a TV show to wind down from school. I looked over the other day and saw Jacks like this. No clue why his shirt was up or why the cracker was where it was. It was the last one he ate, so he must have wanted it there for modesty? 
I'm pretty sure it was on Sunday Beck, Brad and I were in the front room talking on the couch and Beck said that he has a theory. ( he says this a lot with movies, games, books,... everything. Just goes to show he is thinking.) His theory this time is that faces are the dirtiest part of a person because you never wash it. You get in the shower and wash your hair and use the loofa to wash your body but never your face. After being a little grossed out we told Beck that we both wash our faces every day, in the shower and at night with soap and water. He told us later that he never knew because we never told him. I guess I need to now name EVERY body part he has and tell him to wash it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ski Club

I love to snowboard, although I haven't been in forever. We have wanted to have the kids learn but never really knew when to take them. This year since the boys are in Jr. High they could do Ski Club. Both of them were so excited to go and learn. It was fun showing them how to put everything on and to make sure its secure. It was a lot easier without the pants and gloves on, but they finally got the hang of it.

They both had a lot of fun. They said it was hard, especially when they fell and had to get back up. It's not as well put together as when I went, we had actual lessons to teach us. They just had someone on the bunny hill that they could ask things to, but were told to just go. Well... Beck's first time going on his first run he fell. He said his arm hurt and it would hurt into his neck but it was hit and miss so he kept going. I later found out he didn't tell a teacher AND he kept going because I told them it would  be hard to don't give up and just sit in the lodge all day. If they did I would be really annoyed. (yay mom) When he got off the bus he told me what happened and said his wrist hurt. I thought a sprain because he could still move it ok and there weren't any bumps. That was Saturday. On Sunday we started to notice that he wouldn't use it really. He was on trash and recycling and he couldn't hold an empty water bottle in his hand. We figured better safe than sorry because the only real way to know if it's a break or sprain is an x-ray. After 3 hours in quick care we found out he had a buckle fracture... or that's what the radiologist said. The PA we were seeing couldn't see it. Then yesterday we had to get a cast with an Ortho Doctor, which was another 2 hour wait/visit, and he couldn't see the fracture. He said because it's tender and he won't use it they'll treat it like a fracture though. The doctor was pushing on it and asked if it hurt, Beck said a little maybe like a 5 or 6, but when we got home he told me that when the doctor pushed on his arm that it hurt really bad. Not sure why he decided to hide that from the doctor.  Can you see the fracture?

Needleless to say this was an angering doctor experience with this fracture, but at least now its should be able to heal and he can use it again in 4 week. But he is now done with ski club for the year. I think next year we'll take the boys up and teach them before they go back to ski club.
It all wasn't too bad for Beck. Grandpa Arrington brought him some of his favorite treats, Reese's and Ice cream. There is plenty which make the other kids a little excited that Beck fractured his wrist because they reap some of the rewards.
Maybe having one of his goals this year focused on playing piano songs was a good thing. I told him he can just take the month off, but he is really excited for the way his lessons are now and the songs he has started that he wanted to try. If the left hand is easy I told him he can try, but we may just be focused on the right hand for a while.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Emery Hair

When I was younger my mom and I had a deal, I could do my hair all week how I wanted but she got Sunday. What this usually meant is I didn't touch me hair all week then Sunday came and I had to sit and have it curled or even just combed. As sad as it is to say, I don't think I care about how my hair looked until I was in 6th or 7th grade (and even then it didn't look that good, I have pictures to prove it). Well Emery has started to care sooner. She is very independent and the last 2 weeks has done her hair on Sunday her self. Last week I went to do it but Brad quickly told me she did it herself and was proud that she got it into a pony. Thankfully I haven't had to teacher her how to use a flat iron yet. So far the pony is good enough and looks pretty good too. 

Weekend Progect

We have been wanting to do something to the upstairs to make the kids want to use it more and make it more fun for them. We recently all made goals and all of the kids said they wanted to draw more. They each got their own sketch book and now all the needed was a place to draw. We had some wood left over from the crib we made, so Brad and I made an easy desk for the kids. It has colors, pens, pencils, coloring books, books, and paper for them to use. We have stools that we just cut the legs off a little to use for them to sit on as well. Somehow adding this desk has made the bonus room look bigger. The desk so far has been a success, they all spent most of yesterday coloring on it.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Week Off

The kids have 2 weeks off for Christmas break and they have has some fun at least while on it. When I worked Brad let them all sleep in the front room, which they all love.
The also went and helped Grandma Arrington clean her Christmas d├ęcor. She likes having Camden to get on her top shelf to put it all away. He's tiny and bends to fit well in the small space. 

Then they got Garabaldis for all of their hard work.
I've made them clean and we have gone to the library but I think they are getting ready to go back to school to see friends.
A few days ago we were talking to the kids and Camden told us about this really cool new thing that kids have now. It's a white strip that you can put over words and it makes them go away... aka White out. Brad and I laughed at how cool he thought it was and how to him it was an awesome invention. 

New Years Eve

The kids spent New Years Eve with my parents. They asked a few times while on break if they were going back this year, which made them excited when they got to go. They played games and ate lots of food. They even stayed up till midnight.
Plate Pictionary

Arm wrestling Grandpa.
I think Emery won...
Making treats.
Flying paper air planes
Most everyone stayed up till midnight, Jacks didn't make it, but we didn't think he would.