Monday, October 16, 2017


Sunday we carved/painted our pumpkins. I have to admit that I really don't like carving pumpkins and I'd much rather paint them but this year the boys wanted to carve. I old them they have to do most of it on their own. Jacks didn't like the feeling of the guts on his hands. 

They turned out great. 
 Brad and Emery's, she did a Minion. 
 Jacks', Cam's, Beck's and mine. We did help Jacks cut and cut the tops off all of them but the boys did the rest on theirs. No cut off fingers so we are good. 

Update on Beck's goal to a rabbit. He actually kept his room clean all week and did all the chores he needed to. He was excited because he got the money they earned from growing pumpkins and told me how much money he could have in 6 months if he earned the same amount each week. Too bad he won't earn that much all the time, but he is still motivated.

Fun Weekend

This weekend was a fun one. Brad, Cam, Beck Teresa ,Greyson and I went to Utah for the Imagine Dragons concert. We were a little worried because it was at USANA, which is an outdoor theater, but it wasn't too bad. It was cold, but once the main band started and we were on our feet dancing along it wasn't bad. It was sold out, so there was a lot of people and cars. They put on a really good concert and played about 20 songs, so it was so worth any cold there was. 

This is Beck's favorite group, so he really got into it. He sang and danced to all of the songs. 
The next day we did another escape room which was a ton of fun. 
While we were gone Emery and Jacks spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa Barnes. Emery has fun delivering pumpkins and going to DQ. Then the next day they went to Grandma and Grandpa Arrington's and went to a petting zoo at CSI. 
They planted herbs. 
And painted faces. 

They even shot arrows. Emery was proud her's made it in the hay. 

Jacks had a hard time pulling the bow all the way.

We all had a busy fun weekend even though we weren't all together. We did spend Saturday night and Sunday just hanging out as a family. 

Band Concert

Last week the boys had their first band concert. I'm pretty sure all of the teachers do the same thing with this concert. They first all played how they played day one... a really sour loud bad note. Then they got better and better. They have practiced a few times at home and since they have done that, they have gotten a lot better. Their teachers is the conductor for Stuart and Canyon Ridge, so you really were able to hear how good one day they will be. I do hope they stick with band throughout school. I think music is really important for them. 
Beck made a funny/cute face as he played his oboe. I assume that it will get easier to play as he goes along, otherwise he may pop a vein in his head. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Pumpkins and Goals

This year the boys and their cousin grew a garden with their Grandpa Barnes. I know our boys love it. They like going out about once a week to weed and help with the things they are growing. Each year they also enter into the fair, but the only thing bad with this year we were at Disney, so I'm really not sure how they did. No matter how they did, they had fun growing it. Usually after they work in the garden, Grandpa will take them out for a $5 meal at DQ. These are the things they will remember as they get older and that's what matters most. One part they also look forward to is their pumpkin sell. This year we picked about 120 more or less and I'm pretty sure they sold almost all of them. 

It was a good weekend for Beckham. It was his last football game of the season and the finally WON!!! They only won one game but ending on a win made Beck excited to do it next year. At least next year it will be for the school and hopefully a coach that is more into coaching. 
Yesterday we were talking about pets and the boys keep wanting more pets. We were talking about how I had a rabbit and how much I liked them. I made the mistake of saying that I'd get another one over almost any other pet. That made them both excited but what they don't ever get it how much work and money they are. They aren't that great with the dogs and remember their chores that they have right now. We told them (and we have told them this a few times) that maybe once they show us they can be responsible and remember the pets they have now and all of the other small chores they have that we'd consider another pet. I told Beck that if he can be responsible for 6 months and save we'd think. So yesterday he spent cleaning all of his room, that included under his bed and the baskets he has, which never get cleaned out. He also made a goal trail and what to work towards. He seems motivated right now and we really hope that he  sticks to it. Maybe around Easter Beck will get a rabbit. 

To end their fun weekend the boys went to the symphony with Grandma and Grandpa Arrington. Their band teacher is in it  and they wanted to go. Thankfully my parents were already going and able to take them. They both loved it. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This Week

Last Friday Camden and Beckham had a social at school. They both were excited to go and dance. The theme was beach luau and this was as dressed up as they got. 

 On the way Beck had to take a selfie. He told me he did it so when he goes to college that I'll remember him. Not sure how the kids who grows like a weed thinks he'll remotely look the same in 6+ years when he is in college. They just stuck with their friend and didn't ask anyone to dance. Beck said it was too hard. 
 This weekend we took the kids to Gertie's for lunch and after they eat a few other things they can havae dessert pizza. Jacks loves them and when 2 of his favorites came out at the same time he ate them both at the same time. He thought it was pretty smart to do it this way. 
 We have a few shows we watch as a family, most happen to be cartoons, but one that makes all of the kids excited is only 4 weeks and once a year. This past week Halloween Wars started and the kids were excited to watch it. I told them if they want to watch it before bed we need to but away games and start, and they all happily did that. They all get into it and choose their favorite displays and group. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Emery's 9!

This weekend Emersyn turned 9 years old and she couldn't have been more excited. She had a small party with two of her friends on Friday. It made me realize how not girly I was growing up and how girly she is. I think it also made Brad glad we only have one girl, although 3 boys bring a whole other set of 'fun', so it could be a toss up. 
For her party they made box cars. I remember whenever my parents (or my friends parents) got a new appliance we could play with the boxes for weeks. Making cars or houses or anything else we could. We have done this a few times with the kids and they have loved it, so Emery was excited to do it for her birthday. It was a good project to keep them busy for an hour or so making them. They ate dinner in them, and used them to open presents too. She wanted clothes from us. She said she really wanted a shirt that said birthday girl on it, so we went the cheap way, since she'll wear it once, and made one. She loved it and wore it to her party. 

 After dinner and presents we set the projector up for them to go to the drive-in with their cars. They only watched about half of the movie then played school and family and texting on a white board. I'm not sure how long they stayed up, but Emery was tired the next day. 
On her actual birthday we had a girls night with Grandma Arrington to watch Women's Conference. We went to dinner at Red Robin where they sang to her, then watched some conference and after went and saw the play "Beauty and the Beast." It was a really fun night and a good birthday for her. I think a small part of her is hoping we go on a trip for her 10th like we did with the boys....

Emery is such a fun girl. In a house full of boys, shes a breath of fresh air. While I wasn't ever as girls as she is, I love having a shopping partner and someone to paint nails with. Someday when she's older we'll be able to shop for makeup and other fun girly things. Emery and Jacks are the best of friends and they play pretend together really well. One thing she is really good at is being upset. By that I mean when she is upset in anyway she is stone faced and quiet just looking forward. She doesn't break for anything, which is kind of impressive. She will be a fun pre teen girl. I love the little ways that she is how I was when you grow up with just brothers. I told a teacher when I was around her age that my brothers taught me how to burp and fart really well, and she is just the same. Emery loves clothes. Like I said that's what she wanted for her birthday and it was very specific things. I no longer just get her things, she has to be there when I shop and even then it takes forever for her to pick something out. She does really well in school and her teacher loves her. She loves to read and loves the social part of school. Emery has Brad wrapped around her finger, but I think he loves that. Emery loves to draw with chalk and play babies or family and school. She uses her easel all of the time. Her favorite food is fried chicken (like nuggets that you would get at Chick Fil A). Her favorite subject is reading and her favorite toy or game is to play babies with stuffed animals or dolls. 

Football Season

Beck decided to do football again this year since last year was so much fun. The only sad part is he isn't on the same team, but I think he's still having fun. They have yet to win a game, but there are still a few games left. This year he is playing center and has done a really good job doing that. We'll see if he likes it enough to continue onto school team football. 

 The other day he was taking a bath and I kept hearing him say something. Finally when I went in he told me he wanted a picture taken. He may be growing up, but he still does random things like this.  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Universal Studios

Our last day was spent at Universal Studios Hollywood. We loved going with the boys last year and they wanted to show it to Emery and Jacks. Jacks couldn't ride the big Harry Potter ride so we did a parent switch with this one. I went with Emery and she hated it. First there was a glitch just as it started and the first screen went off. Then I forgot about the spiders and dementors on it, which you get pretty close to and she got scared. Needless to say, we only did that one once. The walk up to the ride is still one of the best there is. You literally walk though Hogwarts and see different sets from the movie. 

All of the kids loved Simpson's Land. The ride was a lot of fun and all of the characters and props made it seem like you were there. Krusty was a family favorite. 

I think Disney made them excited to meet characters and there were a lot out today. 

Next to the Despicable Me ride was a splash pad where the kids got wet, and Cam got soaked. It was nice for them though since it was pretty hot outside. 

We read online that you can ring all of the doorbells next to Gru's house, so Camden gave them all a try. Different characters said things after you did it. 

They had a Walking Dead haunted house that you could walk through. Beck went with me through it and got pretty freaked out. He just kept yelling "don't touch me" and he gripped onto my arm. 
(I know it's sideways, I can't get it to fix) We had to try Voodoo Doughnuts and all the kids agreed they did not disappoint. 

When we left Salt Lake Jacks saw this plane set and wanted it. Since it was the start of the trip we didn't let him get something at the airport when we had the whole vacation still in front of us. By the end of the trip he had just enough left over of his money to get it. He was so excited that he got the same plane we were on. 
We made each kid these book that they were able to put autographs and pictures in. They ended up really full with so many pictures. This trips was a lot of work but so worth it. The memories we all made will be something we can all remember together. We can't wait to go back again... but in a few years. 

Here are the kids memories and thoughts about the trips typed out by them. 
I really liked riding the new Guardians of the Galaxy Breakout, Cars, and California Screaming'. I also liked visiting the magic shop, I hope to impress kids at school with my magic. It was fun going everywhere, except the big lines. The food there was really good. I really liked The Penny Arcade, all the shops, rides, and walk thru. My favorite ride at Universal is The Mummy, California Adventure is California Screaming', San Diego Zoo is the red panda resort(they're my favorite animal), and Disney Land is Splash Mountain. I liked Holiday Inn and Best Western. I didn't like Home Wood Suites. These are my opinions about our trip. 

At San Diego Zoo I like the red pandas, at Disney I liked the Buzz Lightyear ride and Splash mountain,at California Adventure I liked Guardian's of the the Galaxy ride,and at Universal studios I liked  meeting Krusty the clown. My favorite hotel was Home Wood Suites I did also liked Holiday Inn and Best Western, so I liked almost every hotel and I also liked flying, flying was my favorite part it had YUMMY snacks and pop,but also every thing else was my favorite. These are my opinions about my and my family trip.

On the first day we went to the San Diego zoo. My favorite animal was the monkey's and the polar bears. the second day we went to the  beach. I liked the waves at the beach and playing  at the arcade  at the hotel. The third day we went to Disneyland. I had a delicious Mickey s'more .  My favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride and the Star Tours. The fourth day we went to California adventure. My favorite rides were California Screaming, Toy Story ride, and the Guardians of the galaxy mission Break out . On the last day we drove to L.A. and went to Universal Studios. My favorite rides are the Harry Potter ride and the Simpsons ride. That is what we did on our trip to California.

I liked staying in our hotel because it had a bunk-bed. I saw the meerkats. At Disneyland I liked seeing the characters. I liked Mickey's Toon Town and the Guardian's of the Galaxy ride. I liked seeing Spider Man and Black Widow. Universal I like seeing the minion and going on minion ride and Jurassic park ride.